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For all the latest news and rumours that emerge from Brooklyn, the site of the NBA draft, keep it here on Sportsnet.ca.

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The last two picks are done and Myck Kabongo goes undrafted:
Raps struck out on making a deal:
And Ohio State forward DeShaun Thomas goes at No. 58.
And Alex Oriakhi is gone... three more picks for someone to take Myck Kabongo:
At No. 56 we will see Louisville star Peyton Siva come off the board:
A stash pick at No. 54 and No. 55:
Another rookie for Boston as they enter the tank zone next season:
Goodman continues to deliver:
Second-round trades:
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<![CDATA[Heat hit the streets to celebrate]]>

The Heat's celebratory NBA parade is underway. Follow along on sportsnet.ca as we bring you the latest social media updates as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Co. are honoured for going back-to-back.

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What a way to put a capper on it. #sharkhasbeenjumped
LeBron takes the stage:
Chris Bosh came and went which brings us to our final interview of the day, LeBron James.
Battier takes the stage. He will be followed by Bosh and James. The marathon has almost run its course.
Wade takes the stage and talks about his relationship with LeBron and Bosh:
Birdman takes the stage and continues to be the most interesting man in Miami:
And Norris Cole takes the stage. Was he the key to the run.
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<![CDATA[Game 7 live blog recap: A repeat for the Heat]]>

In a very entertaining Game 7, LeBron James proved his critics wrong as he scored 37 points and pulled down 12 reboun to lead the Heat to their second-consecutive NBA championship as they defeated the Spurs 94-88. It puts an end to a series which will go down as one of the best ever.

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Lakers guard Metta World Peace is already looking ahead at next season.
Kevin Love wonders about Birdman at the afterparty:
King James claims second-straight MVP Award. Well-deserved.
The champs celebrate:
2013 NBA CHAMPS. · nba
The Heat's PR explain it the best although they fail to point out that James hit both free throws. The game is over.
LeBron James responds with a pullup jumper to put the Heat ahead 92-88 with 27.9 seconds to play.
A point blank miss by Tim Duncan leaves Miami clinging to a 90-88 with 39 seconds to play.
Kawhi Leonard hits a three to cut the lead to 90-88.
Sixers guard Nick Young helps set the stage with this vital update:
Green continues to be ice cold. Manu slightly better but Trevor Booker remains unimpressed:
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<![CDATA[Reaction to Collins' announcement]]>

Jason Collins became the first active athlete from the four major North American sports to come out on Monday when he penned a piece for SI. The Washington Wizards centre's announcement has drawn plenty of reaction from inside and outside the sporting community. Stay here for all the latest.

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Collins will be a free agent on July 1st. This will not effect team's from being interested in his services.
At least one of his teammates in Washington was caught off guard by the news, Wizards guard Garrett Temple was surprised:
Collins' former coach in Boston, Doc Rivers, released the following statement in support of his former player:
"I am extremely happy and proud of Jason Collins.  He's a pro's pro.  He is the consummate professional and he is one of my favorite "team" players I have ever coached.  If you have learned anything from Jackie Robinson, it is that teammates are always the first to accept.  It will be society who has to learn tolerance.  One of my favorite sayings is, I am who I am,  are whom we are,  can be what I want to be its not up to you, it's just me being me."
Former U.S. president Bill Clinton released a statement:

I have known Jason Collins since he was Chelsea's classmate and friend at Stanford. Jason's announcement today is an important moment for professional sports and in the history of the LGBT community. It is also the straightforward statement of a good man who wants no more than what so many of us seek: to be able to be who we are; to do our work; to build families and to contribute to our communities. For so many members of the LGBT community, these simple goals remain elusive. I hope that everyone, particularly Jason's colleagues in the NBA, the media and his many fans extend to him their support and the respect he has earned.

His daughter, Who was a classmate of Collins at Stanford, also voiced her support as well.
Magic Johnson, who's son recently came out, announces his support for Collins.
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<![CDATA[Live: NFL free agent frenzy]]>

The 2013 NFL league year officially begins Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET. Follow here for all the latest news, rumours, and updates.

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The Miami Dolphins made the biggest splash in the first day of NFL free agency, starting with the class' top wide receiver. Former Steeler Mike Wallace got the big contract he wanted, signing a five-year, $65-million deal with the Dolphins.
#MikeWallace #miamidolphins #Southbeach #DolphinNation #NFL #Football · jonathan_bubba
The Miami Dolphins made another big move, agreeing to  a five-year, $35-million deal with former Ravens inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. 
Needless to say, Ellerbe is happy...
The Miami Dolphins scored today landing two former AFC North players. WR Mike Wallace from Pittsburgh and LB Dannell Ellerbe from the Super Bowl champion Ravens. #americansports #Miami #dolphins #miamidolphins #Pittsburgh #steelers #pittsburghsteelers #mikewallace #Baltimore #ravens #Baltimoreravens #Nike #NFL #superbowl · americansports
The Dolphins continued to overhaul their linebacking corps, signing former Raider Phillip Wheeler and releasing Karlos Dansby.
It doesn't look like offensive tackle Jake Long will return to Miami, and St. Louis could be the 27-year-old's new home.
Talks between the New England Patriots and receiver Wes Welker reportedly broke down Tuesday and the five-time Pro Bowler will test the free agent market.
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<![CDATA[Latest updates and analysis from the trading block:]]>

With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching (Feb. 21), we at sportsnet.ca will do our best to keep you abreast of all of the trade rumours as there seem to be plenty of teams and players in play this year. Keep checking back for our updates right up until Thursday's 3 p.m. ET deadline.

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Jared Dudley rings the bell. Trade deadline day is officially over:
Whoops! Not done yet:
The Hawks didn't deal Josh Smith but they did trade Anthony Morrow to the Dallas Mavericks for Dahntay Jones.
One of the bigger names of the day appears to have changed locales:
And Orlando pulls off a second trade:
Hawks did not trade Josh Smith:
Other ones that got away:
Bargnani will remain a Raptor:
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<![CDATA[Latest updates and analysis from the trading block:]]>

With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching (Feb. 21), we at sportsnet.ca will do our best to keep you abreast of all of the trade rumours as there seem to be plenty of teams and players in play this year. Watch for our daily updates as the off-court action seems to be intensifying.

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The Raptors are short a point guard on their roster. A couple of players that might make sense for Toronto to acquire are the Suns' Sebastion Telfair and Timberwolves' Luke Ridnour according to ESPN's Chris Broussard. Ridnour's deal may be a tad pricey for the Raptors I would suspect.
That said, all is quiet on the Raptors trade from according to the Toronto Star's Doug Smith although he expects Brian Colangelo might pull off something small before the deadline passes:
Bobcats beat reporter Rick Bonnell says the Bargnani-Gordon chatter was simply rumours with nothing substantive to it:
The drama in Los Angeles never ends. Fox Sports Sam Amico says that Kobe Bryant wouldn't be too upset if the Lakers decided to part ways with Dwight Howard. He and several of his teammates question whether the centre "takes the game seriously and "wants it" enough for the challenges the team now faces."
Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski writes about Jerry Buss' legacy in telling how Kobe Bryant almost became a Piston:
Among the teams being linked to Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith in this ESPN.com story are the Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics. The latter seems like a real longshot.
The Nets may not have the pieces to get a deal done either as they are working the phones and trying to use Kris Humphries as a trade chip.
Nets GM Billy King says that there is about a 10 per cent chance that he pulls off a deal before the deadline passes.
The Wizards are willing to move most of their roster add Smith to their squad:
The Suns continue to look for a star after swinging and missing last summer.
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<![CDATA[Latest updates and analysis from the trading block:]]>

With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching (Feb. 21), we at sportsnet.ca will do our best to keep you abreast of all of the trade rumours as there seem to be plenty of teams and players in play this year. Watch for our daily updates as the off-court action seems to be intensifying.

Storified by Kevin Nielsen · Mon, Feb 18 2013 16:16:52

A report out of Lithuania suggest the Raptors are trying to find a new home for rarely-used small forward Leinas Kleiza. (Hat tip to Hoopshype.com for the translation.)
Late Saturday night ESPN.com reported that the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers might be interested in making an Eric Bledsoe for Paul Millsap deal.
Possible Clippers-Jazz Trade In The Works? · ESPN
A couple of reporters tweeted that is appeared to be an unlikely trade come Sunday although both said it was not out of the realm of possibility though.
The agent for Knicks guard Iman Shumpert chimes in on a recent report that his player had requested a trade:
Interesting quote from a story by Yahoo! Sports ace Adrian Wojnarowski. A rival GM said the Lakers are "too arrogant to move him now, even if Dwight asked for it. They're the Lakers, and they'll dare you to walk away in July. And if I was them, I would, too."
More from the well-connected Wojo. He rhymes off the giant list of suitors for Hawks forward Josh Smith:
Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld doesn't expect many big names to change locations over the next few days:
 One team that appears to be done dealing is the Detroit Pistons according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press. That said, they do have a few pieces that they would likely be willing to move in the right offer: Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva come to mind.
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<![CDATA[Latest updates and analysis from the trading block:]]>

With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching (Feb. 21), we at sportsnet.ca will do our best to keep you abreast of all of the trade rumours as there seem to be plenty of teams and players in play this year. Watch for our daily updates as the off-court action seems to be intensifying.

Storified by Kevin Nielsen · Sun, Feb 17 2013 00:04:56

The Raptors have been trying to peddle Andrea Bargnani to Charlotte but they would likely have to take back Ben Gordon in order to reach a deal according to ESPN's Marc Stein.
Sam Amico of Foxsports says that the Raptors have also been talking to Philadelphia about a deal involving Bargnani. The suspicion is, Spencer Hawes would head in the other direction in a deal. Probably not enough for the Raptors to pull the trigger there.
Doug Smith of the Toronto Star writes: My information remains as it was a week or so ago, there is no interest in taking on either Boozer or his more-costly contract.
Both the Sporting News and Yahoo! Sports report that there continue to be talks between the Celtics and Clippers over Kevin Garnett. The Celtics centre maintains an off-season home in the L.A. area and it is believed that he might consider waiving his no-trade clause to go there although ...
Celtics beat reporter Gary Washburn is hearing otherwise from his sources:
On the other side of the deal, Chris Paul told USA Today's Sam Amick that he is OK with the current roster the way it sits. Considering the fact that Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan can;t share the floor in crunch time due to poor free-throw shooting, maybe he shouldn't be.
Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told ESPN.com that he hasn't talked with Celtics GM Danny Ainge in weeks, shooting down reports the two sides had discussed a Dwight Howard-Rajon Rondo deal.
Second-Half NBA Storylines · ESPN
Veteran NBA scribe Chris Sheridan says that the Knicks are still shopping Iman Shumpert despite the constant public statements by coach MIke Woodson to the contrary.
According to Golden State beat reporter Marcus Thompson, the Warriors aren't interested in New Orleans Hornets shooting guard Eric Gordon because of his injury history and big paycheck.
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<![CDATA[Saturday night special]]>

Keeping an eye on Saturday night's NBA All-Star festivities as they unfold down at the Rockets launching pad in Houston.

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We have our real winner:
The 2013 #SpriteSlam... @T_DotFlight31 of the @Raptors! http://twitpic.com/c4fa2u · NBA
RossFinalsDunk2 · hardwoodparoxysm09
We have a winner:
Dave Chappelle - Prince vs Charlie Murphy · vivalabamfan2010
Not sure if the home fans are that excited to see the Raptors' Carter jersey on Ross:
RossFinalsDunk1 · hardwoodparoxysm09
Evans painting concept was interesting but the signing should not have been the wow factor:
EvansFinalsDunk1 · hardwoodparoxysm09
Nick Cannon brings his 'A' game as this evenings host:
I'm sold on this concept:
Farried and Bledsoe with back-to-back solid dunks. Too little too late after a slow Round One. Finals will feature Ross vs. Evans:
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