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War is a lie,

Storified by Aaron Freeman · Tue, Jan 17 2012 17:18:03

The president of Iran told MSNBC...

But we do not consider nuclear weapons as a useful weapon.  The period or era of nuclear weapons is over, as the period of slavery.  Can nuclear weapons offer solution to the current international problems?  Can they bring superiority for the nuclear states?  Certainly, the answer is no.  Those nuclear weapons could not help the Soviet Union from being— from collapse.  And these nuclear weapons did not help the United States to gain victory in Afghanistan or in Iraq.  These nuclear weapons did not help the Zionist regime either in the war against the people in Gaza, as well as in Lebanon.

Iran's envoy to IAEA: 'IAEA has not found a gram of military uranium in Iran' · NeedToAwaken
Even when Iraq used WMD against them, Iran did not retaliate in kind.
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<![CDATA[Should We Convene Constitutional Convention?]]>

Harvard Prof. Lawrence Lessig notes the crisis of legislative legitimacy and suggests the solution may be the nation's first Article V constitutional convention. Others strongly disagree.

Storified by Aaron Freeman · Tue, Nov 22 2011 12:43:34

Lawrence Lessig on the role of a Constitutional Convention · HarvardLawSchool
This is a fast, smart overview by Prof. Lessig of a conference he led on the convening of a Article V constitutional conventions.
Beware Article V (part 1 of 4) · capousa
Phyllis Schlafly on Why Calling a Constitutional Convention is a Bad Idea · EagleForum
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<![CDATA[OccupyChi - The Occupation That Works]]>

Over the past two months Occupy Chicago has built better and better relations with the Chicago Police

Storified by Aaron Freeman · Tue, Nov 22 2011 12:55:39

Da Occupation · afreeman3
Things aren't always sunshine and roses between the police and the Occupants.
and there is no doubt that they are still the Chicago cops.

This officer is NOT CPD but a good guy nonetheless
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