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Outpouring on social media at news of Fox Lake officer's embezzlement, suicide


  1. Though many lauded Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz for his heroism, news broke Thursday that investigating authorities had deemed his death a suicide. It was also reported in this story by The Associated Press that Gliniewicz was "a small-time embezzler, who meticulously staged his death to make it look like he was slain in the line of duty."
  2. So why wasn't he suspended pending investigation? Why is this coming out AFTER his death? Pretty convenient that the same department under investigation by internal affairs are the same ones to make the allegations of his suicide and involvement in said crimes. It just doesn't add up
  3. The AP story goes on to say that authorities revealed Wednesday that "the 30-year police veteran killed himself on Sept. 1 because his theft of thousands of dollars from a youth program was about to be exposed."