"Nasty" women and "bad hombres" at the final presidential debate

After Donald Trump threatened to prosecute his opponent and Hillary Clinton seized on a vulgar taped conversation Trump had to make her case against him during the second debate, the final debate was bound to get tumultuous.


  1. Preceded by a week where Hillary Clinton's campaign has been rocked by the leak of internal campaign emails on to Wikileaks and Donald Trump has faced accusations from numerous women alleging sexual assault, the two candidates faced-off for the final time before the election during the third presidential debate Wednesday night in Las Vegas.
  2. The debate was a goldmine for social media conversation, with Twitter reporting that by halfway through the debate, more than 50 percent of tweets were discussing the two candidates.
  3. The debate began icily with both candidates walked onstage to their podiums, spaced roughly 15 feet apart, without shaking hands.
  4. The line of the debate which resonated most with social media came from Trump while he was discussing immigration.
  5. Trump began his answer by remarking that the United States lacked proper border controls and that a wall was needed to keep undocumented immigrants out of the country—an unsurprising answer to anyone following the race.
  6. But towards the end of his answer, the real estate developer uttered the word that would immediately become a source of derision.
  7. “We have some bad hombres here and we’re gonna get them out,” Trump said.

    #badhombres began trending on Twitter.
  8. After Russian state-sponsored hacking of Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee emails were mentioned, the focal point turned to Vladimir Putin.
  9. Clinton accused Trump of being a puppet of Russian intelligence and Putin, while the businessman fired back that Putin was not his "best friend."
  10. During one of the most shocking moments of the evening, in response to a question regarding Trump's campaign rallies in recent days where the candidate has suggested the election is rigged, Trump would not commit to accepting the results of the election.
  11. Contradicting his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, as well as his daughter, Ivanka, Trump said he would keep the country "in suspense."
  12. Clinton responded that Trump's insinuation of a rigged election were "horrifying."
  13. “Every time Donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him,” the former Secretary of State said.
  14. Towards the end, when asked to give closing statements, both candidates stuck to their old standards. Trump spoke about the need to "make America great again" and Clinton highlighted her years of fighting for the working class.