RPI Spirit Day

RPI Spirit Day was held on Friday, February 3, 2012 in order for alumni around the world to show their pride for their alma mater.

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  1. RPI Spirit Day started out simply as a way for alumni to show how proud they are to have graduated from Rensselaer...
  2. Which quickly grew into an all out Spirit-fest to show who had the most spirit for RPI!!
  3. Have you heard the news?? Friday, February 3 is RPI Spirit Day and we're holding a photo competition!! RPI alumni at GE are challenging fellow alumni to see who can come up with the best workplace spirit pictures. Will you accept their challenge??
  4. We're adding a new element to the RPI Spirit Day Photo Competition. We're going to pick the Top 5 best photos submitted and each one of those photos will replace our profile picture every day next week (one for each day). Have you already started planning your photo? This could be you next week!!
  5. With RPI alumni at General Electric challenging other alumni to a Spirit-Off of sorts, the word quickly spread around the Rensselaer community and everyone started getting prepared to show their spirit!!
  6. Ok sure, he saw his shadow today but look at how much spirit he had when he came out of his hole!!! He's DEFINITELY ready for Spirit Day tomorrow!!
  7. From students...
  8. ...to alumni...