2010 #NYC Snowstorm

A timeline of #eastsnow.

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  1. On Saturday, weather forecasts predicted 12"-18" by Monday night.
  2. Snow started falling in the New York area on Sunday morning. 
  3. The forecasts for snow in Philadelphia caused the NFL to postpone the Eagles/Vikings game. It will now be played on Tuesday night.  
  4. Airports in the New York City area canceled over 1,000 flights and by Sunday night LGA, JFK and EWR were closed. 
  5. Amtrak canceled trains between NYC and Boston.
  6. Wind was a concern in many areas. 
  7. Many travelers updated their Facebook status to share frustrations about delays. 
  8. Snow up the East Coast has messed up my plans. Flight to Baltimore canceled. Try again Tuesday!!!
  9. One passenger tweeted from on board a plane that was "snowed in on the tarmac" at JFK. 
  10. While causing problems for many, others were able to have fun during the storm. 
  11. just finished playing in the snow with the kids and I have to say.....IT WAS COLD!!!!!! Had a blast!!!!!
  12. And took pictures and video as the snow fell. 
  13. Latest Snowpocalypse pic
  14. Some reported seeing thunder and lightning. 
  15. Lightning & Thunder During NYC Blizzard