Smart wing design

Sara Cabitza and Kevin Gouder, Imperial College London, held the final Twitter Q&A of Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2014 on their exhibit 'Smart wing design through turbulence control: science imitating nature'.


  1. 'Smart', bio-inspired technologies together with new dynamically controlled aerodynamic shapes are making flight more environmentally friendly, economically attractive and even safer. Sara, Kevin and their teams had been tweeting inspirational images to show where they get their ideas, including owls, bats and sharks. Here are the highlights of their chat.
  2. So which species had provided the most inspiring solutions?
  3. Fascinating question from @ManuSaunders on insect-inspired flight.
  4. What can the way other animals travel through the air teach us about aerodynamics?
  5. OK. There are lots of ideas in nature, but what has been put into practice?
  6. How will this research improve the human experience of flying?
  7. A question from @DazzMcGuinness reminded Sara and Kevin of their experiences in the field.