From the inside out: frontiers in medical imaging

Push the limits of your perception and explore the future of medical imaging. Ozama Ismail, Research Operations Manager, and Holly Holmes, PhD student, of University College London's Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (CABI) joined us to talk about gaining a window into another world.

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  1. Coordinating jellyfish, watching fireflies, and making the human body invisible is just another day to the team at CABI. Their exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2014 sparked fascinating conversation during a Twitter Q&A about breaking frontiers in biomedical imaging. Holly and Oz kicked off asking for questions.
  2. While biomedical imaging has undergone phenomenal developments in the last 100 years, from Röntgen’s revolutionary discovery of X-rays to the modern-day brain scan, how safe are today's methods?
  3. Some, however, were unconvinced. How far have we really come, asked @ashishpuliyel, and are we pushing the boundaries of medical science?
  4. As it was a lunchtime Q&A, some were more interested in expounding the virtues of nourishment for medical research.
  5. Moving on from inside the human body the conversation took an interesting turn. Can new techniques in imaging explore the human mind?