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Royal Ballet Triple: Your thoughts

A triple header of works by Wheeldon, Scarlett and McGregor sees a mix of fashion, pop, drama and dance.


  1. We went and asked a few audience members for their thoughts during the intervals...
  2. ^ Helena, Breeze and Kelly: "We were most excited for Sweet Violets and really like contemporary works. Polyphonia really drew your attention too!"
  3. ^ Rebecca: "I'd seen Polyphonia before in Canada and really enjoyed it. It was really intense!"
  4. ^ Eric: "I'm most excited for Carbon Life. I'm always interested to see new McGregor!"
  5. ^ Amy and Jessica: "Sweet Violets was our favourite but we should have read up on the story. It was beautiful in a horrific kind of way!"
  6. ^ Marc and Jessica: "This is our first time here - it's a bit of a rite of passage. Polyphonia was a bit difficult to follow but it was definitely interesting!"
  7. A selection of your tweets about an opening night that included not one, but two premieres...
  8. Liam Scarlett offered a preview of Sweet Violets as part of Royal Ballet Live...
  9. Liam Scarlett rehearses Sweet Violets - Royal Ballet LIVE
  10. Gareth Pugh's costumes for Carbon Life caused a stir. What do you think of his designs?