Google::Apple is the new Microsoft::Apple

A two player race between the most valuable and capable enterprises on earth. 🍿🍿🍿


  1. 14 June 2016 A few updates on Google and Apple fabric plans from 2016 Apple WWDC and Google Apps News
  2. "but where/how to learn?" Using Twitter is like talking through a straw.

    I'll respond to @stevesi's "but where/how to learn?" question with a proper blog post, but here are a few reference notes on where I think the trail leads. - Greg
  3. 24 June 2016 See "A Fabric, not a Platform" blog post. - Greg
  4. Lifted from Continuity and Intertwingled Work blog post
  5. I believe Apple aims to connect:

    • Your actions, across the devices you use;
    • Your family (Family Sharing);
    • Your home (HomeKit);
    • Your health and healthcare providers (HealthKit);
    • Your car (CarPlay) See what Apple is offering via auto OEMs;
    • Your work (by extension I'll call this WorkKit) If Apple wanted to play in the enterprise software space. [Apple does want to play, see IBM/Apple Update below - grl]
  6. Regardless of Apple’s intention as a platform for business applications, if Apple succeeds in the personal space, I believe this vision of continuity sets a benchmark for user experience at work, and will kick off a new level of competition to win the attention of enterprise developers and IT departments, working top down rather than bottom up.