Discussion on Rotaract and Rotary membership

In July 2012 we posted five questions about Rotaract and Rotary membership on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Here are some of the highlights from the conversation, which we shared during a joint session of the Rotaract/Interact and Membership Development & Retention committees on 1 August 2012.

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  1. Question #1: How can former Rotaractors stay connected to Rotary if they are not yet ready to join a Rotary club?

  2. In Germany the German Rotaract MDIO (Rotaract German Committee) founded a few years ago a possibility for Rotaractors and Rotarians to stay in contact. It is a program called RNR (Rotary Rotaract Young). With the age of 30 the rotaractors have the possibility to be in a list for Rotaracters that are interested in Rotary and become a member of Rotary.The Rotary Clubs can ask the DRRs for names and so Rotary clubs, interested in getting new members and Rotaractors, interested in Rotary can get in contact with each other.This program is no duty for both sides, just a possibility. For more informations have a look here: rotaract.de/rnr or write a mail to [email protected] Constanze Maria Abendroth, Chair of the Rotaract German Committee 2011/12
  3. From my own point of view, Rotaractors who are above the age of 30yrs can be brought into the Rotary Family through these ways. 1. Since the are coming from Rotaract to Rotary, their induction fees should be reduced say by 50%. 2. Those in Rotary should often provide certain opportunities like Jobs, Free self motivational programs/semina, Free scholarship/Degree programs etc.. 3. Our Rotarains should always find out time to visit certain Rotaract clubs (say once every month) so as to strengthen the bond. There by promoting the zeal of Rotaractors into finally joining Rotary. Thank you. 2012/2013 International Service Director, District 9140, Rotaract Club Of FUTO.
  4. Question #2: What has your experience been with your sponsor Rotary club? Would they take you as a member? Would you take them?