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Rotary Youth Exchange highlights from New Generations Month 2013


  1. I earned a life long relationship with my host family. We put in the effort to meet at least once a year.
  2. STEP to Japan 1999 absolutely was a turning point in my life. It cemented my commitment to Rotary, and gave me a life-long love of Japanese culture and Japan (I have returned once, and have another itinerary planned!). Thank you, D7470, for the opportunity.
  3. From Mexico D4170 to Brazil D4660 2004-2005! Gained friends all over the world (not just Brazil) but more important i learned a lot about myself and the things I can achieve if I put my mind to it!
  4. From D9640 Australia to D5110 USA 2002-2003. Absolutely the best year of my life! I gained lifelong relationships with my host families and have been back to visit twice. The location (central Oregon) was beautiful, but the people even more so. What a great program!
  5. From Canada D.5370 to Germany D.1800, 2008/2009! What an incredible experience! Lifelong friends with other exchangers, new family members, a language and culture learned, and my life changed! Thank you Rotary!
  6. Due to the experience I can speak, read and write japanese fairly fluently, even now it's never forgotten, and went back to work in my host country after being on exchange. It's awesome! Great experience for any teenager! Wouldn't change a thing.
  7. From India D3140 to Germany D1940 2011-2012..maybe the only words which could describe exchange would be "Exchange is not a year in your life but life in a year". The best year of my life. Making friends around around the world, learning a new culture, new langauge, new cusine, new lifestyle and what not! Utterly speechless! Hats off to Rotary for such an amazing program!
  8. From Australia to Denmark in 1998. What an awesome year - from enjoying new Christmas traditions to riding to school in the snow. It opened up my eyes to a whole world of possibilities and changed my life. And I have a lifelong love of Denmark and all things Danish.
  9. I came back from exchange last year and now im joining rotaract.
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  11. 21 yrs ago I went from BC, Canada to Auckland, NZ for 1 year. It completely changed the direction of my life (for the better). So much so that I have now been a Rotarian for 12 yrs, worked on YEX at the District for the 1st 10 yrs of that time and have been District Chair of Ryla South in D5040 for the last 4. My exchange was both difficult and rewarding in ways that a paragraph can't begin to cover. I will forever be indebted to RI for the person that I am today as a result of my Exchange. Hugs
  12. Hi team! I went to the US in 1992 and I now call it the gift that keeps on giving. I came home with a mum and dad that I still keep in touch with today - beautiful people. I became a Rotarian soon after returning and every year, love to get involved in preparing the outbounds and being a mentor to our clubs inbound student! It has created opportunities for me that keeps opening doors! I could go on for hours!!! Best time of my life!
  13. I was on a Rotary YEP in La Paz, Boliiva in the early 1970s. I had a life-changing experience there and am still in touch with my Bolivian families. I still have the love for Bolivia and her people in my heart.
  14. I still keep in touch with one on my dearest friends I met in 1980 in Australia. She'll be visiting next year for the first time in 25 years as she attends my daughters wedding.
  15. When I was 16 I took the chance and went to Adrian, Michigan. Arguably that was the best year of my life and seeing that I still have contact to a lot of people underlines my feelings towards the people and the country. There are so many nice things that can be told, but one of the recent ones is that my host brother is going to get married at the end of September and we will see each other again. So people don't hesitate and be part of Rotary. It will change your life and perspective on people forever!
  16. Bijuli Timila's Photos | Facebook
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  17. Hi team I was a part of the team that went to UK/Wales and I must say till date since 2005, it has been the most wonderful n enriching experience of my life.They touched my life in different ways and I feel I evolved as a more confident person with a deeper understanding of the world.I am still in touch with some of my hosts and it is gud to know about them.It feels great to have a few friends in the other part of the world also.