How do you #EngageRYLA?

RYLA highlights from New Generations Month 2013


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  2. I would hope those who attended RYLA would give serious thought to joining Rotaract
  3. My RYLA experience was in 2001 in Alexandria, Egypt. It was my greatest experience with Rotaract because of the leadership skills I was trained on, the Rotaract friends I made, a chance to be introduced to Rotary Egypt and experiencing the beauty and majesty of Egypt.
  4. Thought all rylayrans knew to keep what happens on camp top secret so not to ruin it for others !! #EngageRYLA
  5. #RYLA from RID 3190..!! for 50000 school kids on a single day :)
  6. No doubt abt it this ryla programme had me a better person to become a rotaract member and a past president too..tqvm
  7. #RYLA was the best lesson of my life(: RYLA 3310 and RYLA 3300!
  8. 21 yrs ago I went from BC, Canada to Auckland, NZ for 1 year. It completely changed the direction of my life (for the better). So much so that I have now been a Rotarian for 12 yrs, worked on YEX at the District for the 1st 10 yrs of that time and have been District Chair of Ryla South in D5040 for the last 4. My exchange was both difficult and rewarding in ways that a paragraph can't begin to cover. I will forever be indebted to RI for the person that I am today as a result of my Exchange. Hugs
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