Hey, this is Ebony Braine from London (UK). I am designer and working in a company where you can buy furniture online. For more details please visit our website.


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Adewale Oluwaseun


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Rotary International

Offizieller Storify Account von Rotary International und der Rotary Foundation in deutscher Sprache ––Gutes tun. Mit Rotary––


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Shelim Malina is a passioned fashion designer based in Glasgow. She started her work as a fashion illustrator in fashion illustration galleries, exhibitions, before finishing his degree in the creative artist at the University of Newcastle.

V Kate Ah-Kang


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Trained new jewelers on basic jewelry techniques such as sawing, filing, fabricating and laser welding. Designed chanel beaded necklace collections from hand sketches to computer design and technical renderings for manufacturing.Supervised production of stainless steel work for outside vendors.