Favorite albums of 1st quarter 2017

  1. Whoops, I'm a couple of weeks late on my list of albums that I listened to a lot during the 1st quarter of 2017. So here they come: (1/15)
  2. al riggs (@altwoshedsriggs) - Tardigrade -- he claimed it was an odds-and-sods stopgap, but of course it's great:  https://alriggs.bandcamp.com/album/tardigrade-2 
  3. Allison Crutchfield (@aqcrutchfield) - Tourist in This Town -- summer pop presciently released for our early spring:  https://allisoncrutchfield.bandcamp.com/album/tourist-in-this-town 
  4. Aseethe - Hopes of Failure -- Iowa City slow doom. Proof that a single alternate tuning goes a long way.  https://aseethe.bandcamp.com/album/hopes-of-failure  (4/15)
  5. Busted Chops - Home -- Weirdo grind from Asheville. Sufficient zigs vs zags to hold my interest thru multiple plays:  https://bustedchops.bandcamp.com/album/home 
  6. Dreaded - Nexus Animus -- This came out in 8/2016, but the black metal mail train from Greensboro moves slowly:  https://dreadedarewe.bandcamp.com/album/nexus-animus 
  7. Escher - Modulate -- This is apparently the farewell release for these prog/tech/death weirdos. So much left unsaid:  https://escher.bandcamp.com/album/modulate 
  8. Holder's Scar - No Witness -- maybe 10% less TOTALLY BLOWN OUT than their last tape. But still TOTALLY BLOWN OUT:  https://holdersscar.bandcamp.com/album/no-witness 
  9. Ibibio Sound Machine - Uyai -- Love its afrobeat-meets-Numan vibe. & how it signals @mergerecords' ongoing evolution  https://ibibiosoundmachine.bandcamp.com/album/uyai 
  10. Joint D≠ - مخابرات / Intelligence -- There's a particular style of swirling pummeling punk that NC straight up owns:  https://jointd.bandcamp.com/album/intelligence 
  11. Mark Eitzel (@MarkEitzel) - Hey Mr Ferryman -- If yr "greatest living songwriters" list is missing Mark, it's bogus:  https://www.mergerecords.com/hey-mr-ferryman 
  12. Moon Duo - Occult Architecture, Vol. 1 -- Headspace music par excellence. Also, getting-shit-done-at-work champion:  https://moonduo.bandcamp.com/album/occult-architecture-vol-1 
  13. Pallbearer (@pallbearerdoom) - Heartless -- 3 albums in, fully rejecting the "saviors of funeral doom" albatross:  https://profoundlorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/heartless 
  14. This concludes my rundown of 14 albums I listened to a lot in 1Q17. 2nd quarter is already shaping up to be a monster, so stay tuned.