1. Benefits of using a Portable Keratometer
    If yo have ever been to a eye care specialist, you would have seen the kind of devices they use. We are asked to stay still and stare into the huge machines and their lens which would take various kinds of measurements of the eye. Right from treating cataract to any major eye and vision related issues, these measuring equipment play a predominant role. Researchers and medical care device manufacturers are constantly working on upgrading the equipment and making the next generation devices for more efficient. Micro Medical Devices is one such company dedicated to such innovation and research. They have designed Keratometer that covers all the shortcomings of the present day device and can bring in lot of improvement in the eye care field. Compared to the present device, this MMD device has a lot of benefits and thus doctors and health care institutions should invest in such futuristic equipment.
    Its is first of its kind: This device is a state of the art design that is first of its kind. It is the first of its kind handheld device that conducts such kind of test. The ones presently in use are table mounted and the patients have to come to the device. This presently a great challenge in situations when the patient is unable to come. The hand held MMD device addresses this issue by being portable. It can go to the patient and conduct the required test.
    Its sleek and handy: The design of the Keratometer is well thought out making it absolutely light to handle. It can be easily held in one hand and move as closely to the patient's eye as possible. One can take it out doors and conduct a whole lot of tests without the technician getting stressed or tired.
    It has rechargeable battery: Electricity is a must if you want to run the present day devices be in in eye care or any other medical field. This modern device is comes with a built in battery that can be recharged periodically. Thus it can be taken with the doctor without having to worry about power supply. Such a facility is greatly helpful in treating in health camps and in situations of emergency.
    Its accuracy is unmatched: It is a general concern that present day device is not 100% accurate and rather gives an average of the readings. But the MMD device is built for accuracy delivering exact measurements no matter how unstable the patient is. It comes with self adjusting scales which is highly accurate while conducting tests on infants or patients who are struggling to remain stable.
    Its easy to transfer data: Presently test results are printed out from the device which takes some time. With the new Keratometer the results are instantly visible on the screen. The device can be connected to a laptop, computer or monitor where readings can be instantly seen before the doctor.
    It helps to analyse instantly: When a device gives average of tests, eye care specialist has to compare and analyse many criteria to come to a conclusion. On the contrary the MMD device gives 100% accurate measurements and thus a specialist can take quick decisions related to the treatment. This also builds the confidence of the doctor while treating and as a result the success rate of an individual medical practitioner and an institute as whole will increase.
    Thus MMD devices are highly recommended for next generation of eye care services. The company extends constant support regarding all their devices and thus you can better your health care to stay ahead of the competition.