STEAM at ESIP's 2016 Summer Meeting

the artier side of data science


  1. We started out strong at Durham's 21c Hotel. Modern art and metadata ducks...
  2. Did we talk about STEAM before the epic deluge? Needed the disaster cluster and an umbrella for the craft beers but Denise tried to save some local art.
  3. A brief stop near the Irish biergarten as ESIPers try to sort out if the brightly colored lumber pile is public art or just a pile of lumber. I'm pretty sure it's now public & playful art. That pile was there, restacked, all week.
  4. And the meeting kicks off with an official jam session.
  5. And getting inspiration for the week from all of our plenary speakers.
  6. One of the keys to a successful week of trying new things at summer ESIP and getting that A back into STEM brought to us by the USGS's Sky Bristol.
  7. Nancy Hoebelheinrich reminded us of the forgotten karaoke plans, linking John Lennon to our data management commons as tree of life metaphor. It's a lot of metaphor.
  8. For anyone who missed the lightning talks, check out @ESIPfed to find out when the videos are available. Not to be missed.
  9. These were not your normal lightning talks. Kudos to the ESIP crowd for trying new things as speakers and to the rest of us for embracing it. The ESRI team really stepped up with an interactive play.
  10. And we kept rolling with the new events this year, switching out the poster session with Research As Art.