Popular Kitchen Decorating Ideas in 2017

When it comes to the different rooms in your house, you probably would have to agree that the kitchen is the one room, aside from maybe your bedroom, that you spend most of your time in.


  1. So, it would stand to reason then that it would the one room in your house that you would want to put in extra time and attention to making it special and stand out. There are several ways you can do this, and one is by decorating it, and giving it the makeover it deserves. In this article, we will provide you with some popular kitchen decorating ideas that are becoming a huge hit in 2017.
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  3. One of the biggest popular growing trends in 2017 is the open floor plan. These days, many homeowners are opting to go with a floor plan that actually integrates the living room at the dining room. In one way they are doing this is by ditching the kitchen island, and instead opting for a rustic wooden table where you and your family can say and enjoy your meals together.

    Another popular kitchen trend that is actually not necessarily new, rather it just keeps on living, is the white on white trend. White on white has always been popular in the kitchen world. However, there is a proper way to do it. You definitely can get away with white on white as long as you're incorporating different textures. Some of these textures can include textiles, wood frame, subway tile, white faux brick wall, etc. By having a vast array of textures, you can add warmth and cozy feelings to your kitchen.
  4. When it comes to accents and kitchens, bronze is starting to become all the rave. Whether it's by using small things like chairs, copper pots, vases, trays, or light fixtures. To big-ticket items such as appliances, bronze is becoming ever popular and kitchens. It provides both a warm and rustic feel, and because of it’s smooth surface would pair well with a textured black splash, such as a white faux brick wall.

    Concrete is also another growing popular trend. This is because it's cool, easy, and durable, and not at all expensive. In fact some have even said it's like a butcher block on steroids. Plus, it gives an expensive look like marble, but it doesn't come with a hefty price tag. If you opt to go with concrete in your kitchen, you are pretty much guaranteed a surface that will last a lifetime.
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  6. The idea of double sinks has also taken off. This concept is perfect for those families who love to cook and bake together, because it gives them one sink that they can prep food in, and another to do the dishes. Plus it gives you an extra space to use for big holidays and get together. Whether it be for piling in your dirty dishes, or using it as an ice bin, having double sinks is not only practical, but it also just looks cool.

    The final trend we’ll be talking about today is retro appliances. Crazy as it sounds, it looks like the days of old are starting to make a comeback in our kitchens. Except now, we just have a lot more fancy features. But, the white fridge and its other appliance counterparts have finally scored another chance at coming back to life in our homes.

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  8. All of these ideas are just a few of the growing trends in 2017s kitchens. Now, the question just remains, which will you choose?