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Closing The Gap CTG2013 - Assitive Technology Conference Notes

Some notes from the morning of day one of the Closing the Gap Assistive Technology Conference in Bloomington, MN.


  1. I chose to attend a morning session called "So Many Schools So Little Time…
    Large Scale Implementation Strategies" with Scott Marfilius and Jennifer Edge-Savage.  This session was about how to get staff buy-in and make professional development useful and impactful.
  2. In the room next door, my colleague Kindy Segovia attended a session called "

    Chew the P.H.A.T- Procedures and How-To’s in Assistive Technology". Their resources are here...

  3. Next session - The New Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Assessments: What You Need to Know with Dr. Dave Edyburn 

    "The 70 years of research about how kids learn and what AYP says don't match in any way shape or form."
  4. Something that many people have not done yet is to ensure they have the technology available to administer the assessments.  If you are heavily invested in iPads, you might want to look at the technology requirements. 
  5. Also - since the assessments are web-based, the browser will need to be 'locked down'.  No one quite knows if that will prevent floating toolbars that provide text to speech or other assistive functions.