B-M Switzerland

Burson-Marsteller - eine führende Agentur für PR & Kommunikation. Es twittern @luefkens ^ml, @fischchristian ^fc, @schliin ^sp


BloggingTom. What else?

philip whitfield

media artist, interaction designer, VJ and web developer. And part of undef.ch.

Dragica Kahlina

artist, coder, scientist, I love lisp, electronic music and my Nikon, jane-of-all-tech

Alex Morris

User Experience Director at @markboultondsg. Creator of @CSS3Toolkit & @aptusapp Ex-MBUK bike nerd and failed stuntman. Keep your head up.

Juliane Leopold

Idealismus, Lethargie, Eiscreme. Nicht zwingend in dieser Reihenfolge. Works @nzzonline

Remy Sharp

I invented sleep patterns. Honest. They're even named after me.

Mislav Marohnić

A person

Coby Randquist

ruby evangelist, founder @confreaks, organizer @larubyconf & @rbonales dad to multiple girls, and husband - opinions are my own not those of my employer

Tom Morris

Philosophy student, programmer (Ruby, Scala, Java, Python), Wikipedia admin, atheist; usually disappointed by humanity.

Rachel Nabors

I design websites, draw comics, drive a smart car, play Pokemon, and drink more tea than is legally advisable. Sometimes I tweet in 日本語.


Making the web tell a story. Sorting through the noise to find the voices online that matter. Co-founded by @burtherman and @xdamman