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  1. direct insurance
  2. direct insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. "Female, over 25, 9 years driving experience needs CHEAP CAR INSURANCE?"
  6. Hi, my previous insurance was less than 350.00 for third party, fire and theft (in london). My new car is similar but I am getting quotes for 800+ for third party fire and theft. This is ridiculous. I am in my late twenties and have been driving almost 10 years. I would really appreciate names of small insurance brokers. 10 points."
  7. What is a cheap auto insurance company?
  8. Please be specific.
  9. Should I consider getting health insurance??
  10. I am 22 and have no health insurance. I am a pretty healthy person and don't have to see the doctor often. I just think it's a waist of money to get health insurance unless it's for accidents or something like that because in order to get an affordable monthly premium then your deductible is going to be high. I may never reach the deductible, but still have to pay the premium. So should I just pay out of pocket when I do need to go to the doctor and just consider getting a high deductible plan or should I just go ahead and pay a higher monthly premium for a lower deductible. (Remember I don't have to see the doctor very often, I'm relatively healthy)"
  11. Car insurance lapsed? opposing insurance sends letter saying im liable.?
  12. Long story short my insurance lapsed. I got into a car accident where i was backing out of a driveway and as i shifted the car into drive i was backed into my side driver door by more
  13. Any 1 know a cheap insurance company??
  14. im 17 and a provisional driver.i have jus bought a car because my test is soon. i want to insure my car as a learner and then change it to full license when i pass my test. is any 1 with a cheap insurance company?
  15. Cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts for a new driver?
  16. I'm buying a car soon and will need insurance too.
  17. Homeowner's insurance and lawsuit?
  18. If I was physically assaulted on someones's property by their family member, can I sue homeowner's insurance? The grandson of the homeowner had been drinking and during a discussion he punched me and broke my jaw."
  19. Where can i find a basic car insurance quote?
  20. i dont want to enter all of my personal information. it doesnt need to be exactly i just want like a basic calculator. i dont mind like the accident info or my car info but not my SS# and address. i just want a estimate. or is there somehow i can do it my self.
  21. Buying a motorcycle and insurance?
  22. Might be a weird question. I plan on getting a bike. To get insurance on a bike do you need the title and everytbing under your name first? And if I buy from a dealer, how do I get it home without insurance? You need a bike to get insurance but you need insurance to drive it home from the dealer. How does it work if I make sense."
  23. Globe life insurance?
  24. how reliable is globe life term life insurance.. and just what are the terms ..
  25. Individual Health Insurance / COBRA?