What went on at CASE 2012?

CASE - that's the Council for Advancement and Support of Education - holds a conference every year for higher education staff across the UK and overseas. In August 2012 it was held at The International Convention Centre in Birmingham, attended by around 1,000 people from 34 countries.


  1. And then they did...
  2. Mark Damazar, of St Peter's College, Oxford, and formerly of the BBC opens the conference with a session on universities being a "creative mess".
  3. Session on the newsworthy-ness of universities with a panel of experts...
  4. Don't forget your alumni!
  5. And here's a handy little presentation on using social media in higher education, from the University of Cambridge.
  6. The power of stories! Stories are where it's at.
  7. How to turn academics into media experts...
  8. And some fun stuff...