Useful Links, Good Debate and a Seriously Funny Cat Video

The backchannel was lively on October 5 as Mindset Digtal's Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard shared the three curses that stand between you and your audience and discussed the art of a powerful presentation in a Digital Age (no pressure). The event was sponsored by the Initiative for Managing Services at Fisher Business College. If you're looking for some great links, good debate or a seriously funny cat video, check out the stream below.


  1. It was an early morning. Hint to social media presenters: You might not be a morning person if your audience members stake out the hashtag before you do. @trisharjackson clearly got to the coffee first. Thanks Trisha!

  2. But Trisha wasn't the only one ready to go. Barely 20 minutes in and we've already had three more early birds checking in.
  3. That's also about when our Twitter engine gets warmed up and ready to go.

  4. Whoa moments: Katie Couric in 1994 asking: "Do you know what the Internet is?"

  5. We even got to hear from an old friend.
  6. Social media? It's all about connections. Hopefully powered by coffee.