Higher Ed at SXSW Packs the House

@lizgross144 and @debmaue pulled together a great wide-ranging discussion about the challenges and solutions for using social media as a college or university.


  1. Before we get started, you need to know two things. 
    One, this session was packed. Standing room only, in fact. Knock knock @sxsw, are you listening?
  2. Secondly, it rained. It rained a lot.
  3. We're excited though.
  4. And that introduction was the longest Deb and Liz spoke the entire time. You see, this isn't a panel. Instead, it's what SXSW calls a "core conversation." That means the quality of the session will turn on the quality of the audience. No pressure folks. 

    Thankfully, there are some really great folks gathered here.
  5. All that said, it's time to let the #hashtag take center stage. Here are some of my favorite notes.
  6. Working effectively on social media often means going offline.
  7. A recipe for getting buy in: 
    1 strong pilot project, 1 local champion (or more to taste), stir, bake until golden brown.