Why Amazon's Reviews Blame "Lambchop"

Sheri Lewis made her sockpuppet Lambchop famous and an icon. But the use of fake identities called sockpuppets are warping Amazon's review system to an unworkable mess. However, Amazon has only itself to blame.


  1. The first point to understand is that online reviews contradict human nature. Statistically, around 1 in 1,000 will ever leave a review. See these posts on KindleBoards: 
  2. These next 2 cover a bombshell set off at Digital Book World - that less than 5% of viewers actually base their decisions on reviews. (What they area actually getting them from is personal recommendations - and that's not "social media" as some believe.) Of course, our data is sketchy at this point. And I haven't seen this one datum come up anywhere else. However, other data following this may explain...
  3. The trick is that it's not the "reviews" which drive sales on Amazon, it's the recommendations. Personalized to their search history and buying patterns.
  4. And here are the deep, dark secrets to Amazon's reviews: they've been fake since Day One. FIrst, it was getting staff at Amazon to write reviews, then they got into rewarding people who wrote a lot of them with rankings, and even free merchandise (which they would then review.) 
  5. The explanation to all this - from politics to all "news" is that the world is now sockpuppets and astroturf. Those who complain the loudest have been doing the most. 
  6. And this is rich. Authors have been doing this for years - even asking for reviews is a form of sockpuppetry. How else do you get several hundred 5-star reviews within days of a book release? Give out copies in advance, of course. So now there's a big "march" of authors against sock puppets. Like that's going to do anything...
  7. Here's how one author explains how the system works, (although their dollar figure doesn't add up for reviews by themselves.)
  8. Here's one author exposed.
  9. Here's one of their "all-time" star reviewers exposed.
  10. More and more stories about how this review scam has been working all this time...