What do Indie Authors have to know about SEO?

Just a few short links this morning. This stuff gets technical real fast. But if you had any questions, this might be a simple grounding...


  1. This is a good approach to the subject - like an introduction to give you a purpose for reading about this stuff at all.
  2. This link gives simple overview explanations and a great list of glossary terms (so you don't get so glossy-eyed when you read about it.)
  3. Here's a hard-core FAQ (now that your "pump is primed" in this area) and will start answering a lot of questions you may have.
  4. The KISS approach is outlined in this article - your "call to action" as it were. 
  5. But having done this stuff for years, I can say that it's a bottomless pit, a real tar baby to get stuck to. Because the search engines and spammers are constantly making things change.
    Key points are 1) Having valuable content, and 2) Using phrases in your title and copy which people are normally associating with that type of content, 3) Sharing the love by linking to people who you find have valuable content related to yours.
    A caveat: Google has information seekers. Amazon has buyers. What works for Google isn't exactly the same for Amazon. But if you set your book up in the title right, Google will send buyers to Amazon. 
    And the million sellers don't care a whit about SEO, btw. Check out John Locke and Amanda Hocking  ( http://storify.com/robertworstell/amanda-hocking-how-to-become-a-28-year-old-indie-s ) for yourself. (Just sayin'...)
  6. - - - -And a video:
  7. SEO Essential Solutions for Authors
  8. Now for some recommendations from the Twitterverse:
  9. My years of experience with SEO are (mostly) in this book - and an update is coming soon (just needs formatting, honest.)
  10. Luck to us all!