Amanda Hocking - How To Become a 28 year-old Indie Success

When you look up at the heights of the million-book sellers, you have to want to know how they did it. John Locke wrote a book about it, but Amanda takes some sleuthing - so this is why I present these articles...


  1. This NYT article is widely quoted by many and gives a few of her tips and history.
  2. These last to are gratuitous, more or less - both published by the author, but give an example of what you should have on your author pages and why you should work Goodreads as well as Amazon.
  3. One point is that she and John Locke have kept their prices at the low end of the scale. Like Wal-Mart: Sell a lot more for a little less.
  4. And the tweets and FeeBs weigh in:
  5. -
  6. And some advice from 2 classic storytellers on how to write like Amanda Hocking: