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cheap insurance elephantcheap insurance elephant


  1. cheap insurance elephant
  2. cheap insurance elephant
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://INSURANCECOMPAREQUOTES.US/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. How much less will my car insurance be when I turn 25?
  6. * I have a clean driving record * I've been insured with Geico for a few years
  7. Would i be able to adopt a dog if im poor? please read details?
  8. I'm not like Africa poor but im not exactly rich, my house isn't really big but it isn't small, i really wanted a dog since i was little because i get really lonely at home, i have friends but im not exactly the type that likes to go outsides everyday and play with friends i find it boring. So i want a dog to keep me company some people told me to get hamsters and stuff so i did and they werent really interactive and dont think they liked me either. My mom says that we dont have the money to buy a dog and to send it to vets so is it really costly? will i not be able to afford it?"
  9. Car insurance for men vs. women?
  10. I was debating with a male that all other things equal that female car insurance is typically less then males. He was arguing that its the other way around. Who pays more for car insurance, men or women? And is there a accurate website I can look at for these statistics?"
  11. Military car insurance?
  12. Okay so I just graduated boot camp and moved from Texas ( residency) to Virginia. RIght now I have my car insurance through Texas (Geico) and I called them cause I was going to switch it to Virginia and it went up $120 a month!!! I was wondering since im in the military if I can just keep it in my residency state or if I have to switch it where im stationed? Also I am thinking about getting a new car which I would buy here in Virginia so it would have Virginia plates, would I have to switch it then to Virginia insurance? Sorry this is a loaded question but I would greatly appreciate it if you can help me out here and if you have any ideas what I should do , Thanks."
  13. How much would motorcycle insurance cost for a teen?
  14. I'm 17 now, but planning on getting my bike at 18. I'm thinking about getting a Kawaski Ninja 250R or a 500R sports bike.I live in California."
  15. What are the requirements to become a life insurance broker in California?
  16. Do I need to become an agent first before I can become a broker? What are the requirements? What are the costs of being a broker?
  17. Low cost auto insurance?
  18. ooking for a new carrier - can anyone recommend anything?
  19. Where can I find affordable medical insurance as a self employed person?
  20. I am a self employed person so I don't have medical benefits like you would if you work for a company. I am paying well over $600 a month for medical insurance coverage as a business owner. Does anyone know of a program or something that offers cheaper insurance to business owners?
  21. How muh would cost me a car insurance? i havent bought the car yet. i am a new driver.?
  22. i live in Cardiff, UK"
  23. In North Carolina...How Do Get A Car && Insurance??
  24. In What Order Do I Have To Get A Car My Licence && Insurance??
  25. Will I be able to find car insurance for a '68 Ford Mustang?