Virtual Choir 2.0 by Eric Whitacre - Music, Art, and Social Media Bringing the World Together

Eric Whitacre's new work, Virtual Choir 2.0, made its debut today, featuring 2,052 singers from 58 countries around the world. Each singer made a YouTube video, singing solo to a webcam, and the individual pieces were assembled into the largest ever Internet choir. It's a fantastic work of music, art and social networking that brings the world a little closer together. Here's what happened:

5,340 total views
  1. Eric Whitacre delivers a TED talk about his upcoming Virtual Choir 2.0 project.
  2. The day before the world premiere, NPR covers the story on All Things Considered.
  3. Early on launch day...
  4. CNN Homepage with Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir 2011-04-07
  5. The world premiere was live streamed from the Paley Center in New York City. Lots of anticipation in advance...
  6. Virtual Choir 2.0 Eric Whitacre at Paley Center Live Feed
  7. Whitacre showed a graph of video submissions over time, with steady submissions until the deadline neared, then a sharp spike at the last minute.  His comments on procrastination:
  8. After the live event, the video was posted on YouTube.
  9. Whitacre's website includes the video, some history about the project, and a very cool mashup with Google Earth that shows where in the world all the singers were located, along with a link to their video.
  10. Background information

    The Virtual Choir 1.0 video has 2 million views on YouTube.
  11. Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'
  12. This is the original video from Britlin Losee that inspired Whitacre to create a virtual choir.