#efellows14 Wellington

Our last eFellows14 Master Class was in windy Wellington. It was, as usual, three days of interesting, thought-provoking visits and discussions with lots of inspirational people and our heads are buzzing. Time to collect thoughts. There aren't even many tweets - we were just too busy!


  1. Thanks to Karen Melhuish- Spencer and Chrissie Butler for provoking us with questions to ponder on, thanks to Renee Cornelius and Shannon Vulu for your support behind the scenes, and especial thanks to Louise Taylor and John Fenaughty for being there for us, pushing us along, gently nudging us in the right direction and feeding us!
  2. Work to do before we even get on the plane ... I managed a very quick skim read the evening before I left.
  3. As usual Marnel was tapping up the twitterati before we left!
  4. One of the aims of the three days was to analyse our data so I thought I would send out my survey again to get a few more responses!  I have already tweeted it out as a general tweet and with some specific hashtags, it has also gone out via Facebook messenger to all my teacher friends.  This time I sent it out to named twitter friends .... a good range of responses received!
  5. Whilst we were in the air Rowan and I started on some work .... the first half hour of peace and quiet for both of us!
  6. Nearly all together again!  All good efellows start with  a hearty breakfast - those who eat together build good relationships!
  7. We started at the Core Ed offices in Thornden with Louise talking to us about how best to analyse our data.