Emily Jones

Aspiring writer, photographer and traveler. Established in a small town and living on with big dreams.

Tanya Ferraro

Mom, musician, writer, emergency management lover. #MRC Coordinator. I make #smemes and chat on #EMtalk! ENFP for real. Tweetin' my own views since 1791.

America's Past Time

I am a Sophomore Communication Studies Major at Longwood University, I play Club Baseball, and I am in the Sigma Alpha chapter of Phi Mu Delta. I am blogging about baseball, primarily MLB, because I am passionate about it and hope to one day be a sports broadcaster or baseball writer. This blog will bring forward topics throughout the pre-season, Spring Training, the Regular Season and the Postseason that deal with either issues, legends calling it quits, or even the rise of future stars who will one day be delegates of the game.


Chris Pohlad-Thomas

Brother, son, husband and father... Hopefully a good one of all four. Network admin, Technology Evangelist, nice guy...

Patrick Henry CC

Patrick Henry Community College


I like Music and Art!


I am the musician and dubstep dj music mixer that will wow you like a magician in a 1920s carnival. My beats blast waves of dub straight through your brizzain to the max!!

Paul Perry

I live for bass heavy music like 2step, garage, and dubstep. I run a dubstep studio out of my home and also teach others how to setup their own dubstep studio and start producing their own music!

The Great iShuffle

The Great iShuffle is a bridge between imagination and reality that aggregates and organizes a potpourri of ideas. From ReaLife to The Sagaology Series, these ideas aim to inspire others to do what benefits all.


WELCOME to the world of GPC-most probably the fastest growing Indian company, manufacturing and exporting hospital/medical/scientific/laboratory equipment, devices and instruments.

Wróżka Otylia Wrzos

Wróżka Otylia - Uwielbiam ezoterykę. Wróżę z kart tarota. Mówią na mnie.

C Dixon

Please check out my latest stories


Wkrótce będziemy zamieszczać interesujące historie przemysłowe. Zapraszamy do śledzenia

Jenn Burleson Mackay

I'm a multimedia journalism and ethics professor at Virginia Tech. My house has been invaded by a tree-climbing beagle, a cattle dog that hides from stink bugs, and a permanently hungry cat.