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Achievement Gap Tweets


  1. in my opinion, this is one of the most important skills that students lack now, and its very scientific driven. Asking questions in science is so foundational, and I can influence a lot of students to start asking good questions that lead to critical thinking and porblem solving.
  2. This enlightened me to think about ways that I can prepare students for jobs that don't even exist yet! Students need to problem solving skills that come with generating the right kinds of questions that help solve them.
  3. I think it's less forcing kids and more tricking them into asking good questions. I think that students ask questions already, but how do we get them to be aware of those questions and guide them to go deeper?
  4. This goes along with the jobs that aren't available yet yet we are helping students prepare for. Yesterday's techniques won't prepare students for the jobs that will be available to them when they graduate.
  5. I agree and I hate multiple choice tests. Personally, as a student, I have always thought they didn't assess what I know. I always felt like I could talk about my knowledge or use it, but that tests didn't represent that part of my knowledge. How can we prepare for tomorrow's jobs using yesterday's techniques?
  6. Students are an avenue to student's success. This made me think about how I can help students feel like they want to learn, and then actually learn. It helped me realize that what you do in the classroom is just a supplment to what student's passions are. I can help them express themselves and engage in what is important to them and apply it appropriately. I am the guide, not the final word.
  7. Out with the old in the with new. I agree with this whole heartedly. I find it difficult to bring my ideas into a traditional classroom.