tweets for embedding in a soon to be published blog post

  1. Just looking at page proofs where during copy editing "Phylomatic" became "Phlegmatic". Uh oh.
  2. Read yr tweet, laughed. Then realised this is our manuscript! :S RT @omearabrian: Just looked page at proofs "Phylomatic" -> "Phlegmatic"
  3. Here's something I learnt today: the @BioMedCentral production team is based in the Philippines! -> Explains the comic proof errors then(?)
  4. Would it not make more sense to have EN-lang academic journal production teams in native-English speaking countries? O.o
  5. Apologies to Bill Hooker (@sennoma) I couldn't be bothered to dig back that far in his tweetstream on Storify to find his tweets [Is it just me or is it actually quite hard to add old tweets to a Storify?]
  6. .@sennoma True and probably *was* software in the funny case. Had literally no idea production was in Philippines though. Very interesting.
  7. .@sennoma Where can one go to find out what an academic jrnl production team does? Interested to see what publshrs do & value-add etc...
  8. .@sennoma Now there's an idea.. They should run it as regular "behind-the-scenes" scheme for academics, to better understand publshng issues
  9. @rmounce @BioMedCentral Prod team in London and our professional partner @SPiGlobalTweets in Manila. Happy to assist with any errors
  10. Perhaps DM me your email address and I might take you up on that kind offer, thx @Vickerbry (re: visiting @BioMedCentral production office)