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Goal Setting for Social Media 101

For a semester, I have worked to compile all kinds of different information and points of view on how to set goals for various social media outlets for businesses. Take a look at all the great information that I have found to help you and your business set effective goals!


  1. There are different types of people who use each social media site. Before deciding which site you and your businesses should use, the below infographic shows who is using what. This may help you see what site will be best depending on your target audience or the demographic of your customer base.
  2. Are you still not convinced if your business should be on Pinterest? Maybe it's not right for you, but maybe you are missing out on a different kind of social media site that could bring about a whole new following. This infographic breaks Pinterest down. It shows you who is on Pinterest, what brands are using it, and where these people are while using it. Take a look! Pinterest may be an opportunity for your business to grow!
  3. I love this lighthearted infographic from @fondalo. It discusses what your strategy should be when identifying what kind of social media plan you should implement for your business. It all starts with identifying who your target market it. You cannot develop a plan until you know who you are developing  a plan for. Make sure you have your coffee first!
  4. When it comes to social media, you need to look and act like a pro! Don't be caught making rookie mistakes. What I have been discussing in all of my blogs is that you must have a goal for your social media plan. One of the rookie mistakes discussed in the below article is that not having a goal can cause a series of problems. Another, which I found extremely interesting, was to ignore the competition! Social media should be about YOU and YOUR brand. It gives you a chance to be unique and different. Don't get caught up in what your competition is doing. Read this article. It's great!
  5. Setting goals. It's what I've been talking about all semester. This article gives you a look at how to measure the cause and effect of your goals made in social media. Remember the three R's? Reach, Resonance, and Relevance? Think of these words when evaluating if your social media plan in effective.
  6. Below is my first blog of the semester about goal setting for Twitter. It is straight forward advice that can help you jump start your business' Twitter account. Do not underestimate how much Twitter can help you expand your customer base. Learn how to set effective goals for Twitter. Read my blog below and let me know what you think!
  7. GREAT article! It gives you an inside look into the Twitter world! Once you set those goals that I discussed in my blog, look and see when the best time of the day to tweet is, and what day of the week is better. Yes, this matters. It is important to get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. You want the most eyeballs on your tweets! This PR Daily article will tell you when!
  8. Isn't this what we all want? More fans and more followers? Easy 7 steps brought to you by will really help you put it all in perspective. They all start with the letter A. Perhaps this will help when remembering them! My favorite is "appreciate." You must appreciate and give back to your following. Let them know that you care!
  9. Are you running out of ideas about what to post on Twitter? Maybe your following is getting bored by the same ol' tweets. Read about these 42 NEW things to do on Twitter. Keep that following interested. Posting new and different content is one of the best things you can do to maintain your following and attract new followers. Give this article a read!
  10. Facebook is becoming more and more useful for businesses trying to gain more attention and a bigger following. However, I found that a lot of businesses are using Facebook ineffectively. Start with the basics and set some goals. This blog is my take on what goals you should set to get more likes on your Facebook page.
  11. Facebook Timeline. Who's using it? After last week, everyone! I know from experience that the change did not come too easy. This article discusses Facebook Timeline from a marketer's point of view. Someone who spends countless hours on Facebook everyday. Just a fun little tidbit!
  12. I LOVE @PamMKTGNut! You have got to read this article! When I helped and develop the new Facebook Timeline for the business I work for, her 15 tips really helped. Check it out. You'll be glad you did!
  13. Google +. Something that I do not have that much knowledge about. I did quite a bit of research about Google + and talked about what goals you should be setting for your page. Take a look at my blog about it below. I would really enjoy your feedback about it!