#VCUPRResearch Service-Learning Reflection Fall 2015

I decided to change things up a bit by holding course reflection via Visuals and Twitter chat


  1. Visual Reflection Assignment Description

  2. First, create a visual of your SL experience with your team - you can use sites such as:
  3. ...others you can think of...
  4. Then, write a short blog post explaining your visual


    Record a video/audio explaining your visual

    Finally, upload everything onto Blackboard
  5. Visual Reflection Assignment Examples

  6. Student Team Example #1
  7. For our visual, we chose to create an infographic describing the MASC 425: PR Research course. This infographic outlines what a service-learning course is, as well as information on RamPantry, the client we worked with, and the research our team put together as Team External. We gained a lot from this taking this course from networking opportunities, hands-on experience, developing better communication skills, and learning more about a major social issue prevalent in the community.
  8. Overall, our group realized that educating local businesses about food insecurity would help open up businesses willingness to be involved with RamPantry. Our surveys overwhelmingly voted yes when it came to getting more involved with RamPantry and raising awareness about food insecurity. Partnering with one local business could help RamPantry expand their status outside of VCU. As we told Terrence, knowledge about the issue is key to gaining support and Urban Farmhouse Market could definitely help spread that knowledge. Getting the foot in the door can make all of the difference.
  9. Our research question of how local business can help raise awareness of food insecurity was answered by both of the businesses we interviewed, whether they knew it or not. The lack of knowledge from one business and the lack of articles we found for coding made u realize the issue is not being addressed like it should and educating people about it could definitely make a difference.
  10. Student Team Example #2
  11. Throughout this semester, we gathered data in effort to better the presence of the RamPantry on the VCU campus. Our focus was on the internal communication sector, so a significant portion of the data collected could only come from VCU students. In order to get beneficial feedback, we conducted online surveys, in-depth interviews and content analysis. However, if students did not participate, we would not have been able to get an accurate consensus of the VCU’s community’s take on RamPantry. This woul have ultimately led to unhelpful feedback for Terrance and the rest of the RamPantry family, so it was vital for us to get students involved. Fortunately,we did gather enough insight to make accurate recommendations, but it took time.
  12. This meme exemplifies the tough position we were sometimes put in. Our pleading eyes continuously checked the status of our online surveys in hopes of active participation. We longed for our fellow VCU classmates to just throw us a bone; something we could retrieve. We felt defeated at times with the low numbers in the beginning, but given some time,and maybe a few desperate Facebook statuses later, our numbers eventually began to rise. With more response, we had more to go off of, and our tails were wagging yet again. Working with the RamPantry has made us realize the importance of capturing accurate insight from a target market, but that can come with challenges.
  13. Twitter Chat Reflection Assignment Description

  14. Reflection is an invitation to think deeply about our actions so that we may act with more insight and effectiveness in the future. In relation to Service Learning,reflection is the use of creative and critical thinking skills to help prepare for, succeed in, and learn from service. Students will be asked to participate in a Twitter chat to reflect on their SL experience. The instructor will serve as moderator and will facilitate the discussion for the one-hour chat.

    If you have never done a Twitter chat before, hereis an article from Social Media Coach Janet Fouts on how to get started.

    We will be using the hashtag #VCUPRResearch to keep track of the discussion.
  15. Twitter Chat Reflection Example

  16. Note: I used questions typically asked for a short written reflection via the Twitter chat format.