Yet Another Pell Grant Hearing

On December 3, a House of Representatives subcommittee held a hearing entitled, "Keeping College Within Reach: Strengthening Pell Grants for Future Generations." Here is my take on the hearing.


  1. It seems like the House likes to have a lot of hearings on higher education, even though nobody thinks the Higher Education Act will be reauthorized on time in 2014:
  2. Justin Draeger from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators mentioned some of my research in his testimony:
  3. But there were some concerns raised about his openness to a more complex FAFSA (which many students would be able to skip):
  4. The Bennett Hypothesis, in which colleges are accused of raising tuition when financial aid becomes more available, had its day in the sun:
  5. A rather spicy (by Congressional hearing standards) took place between Jenna Robinson of the conservative Pope Center and many of the Democrats on the panel. I weigh in with some concerns about causality and sample selection: