TwitterChat #1

by Robert Jones Jr| @rjmajorjr


  1. I joined in on a TwitterChat regarding the subject of social media and its relation to growth hacking.
  2. In order to get the ball rolling on the topic, Moderators Erika Heald (@SFerika) and Neal Schaffer (@NealSchaffer) asked what did the audience think growth hacking was.
  3. There was a bit of variety in the answers, but it was a consensus that it was a different version of marketing.
  4. The next question asked why a method such as growth hacking would be beneficial to content creators.
  5. This gif perfected summed up my answer too!
  6. One Twitter user stressed the importance of not building your social engagement around an automated calendar.
  7. This question recieved a multitude of answers, and created dicussion about not making bogThe next us headlines.
  8. I had a small dicussion about risk-taking.