International School of Scientific Journalism and Communication - Erice 9-14 June 2014

Here is the web story of the edition number 5 of the International School of Scientific Journalism and Communication. How can we do and communicate science in the digital world?


  1. The School is aimed in general to all those interested in communicating science to the public, and in particular to those willing to start or improve a career in science journalism. The School is based on lectures and working sessions – held by international experts in the fields of science, journalism and communication – dealing with general topics related to science journalism and communication, and revolving each year around a specific scientific theme, which in 2014 will be THE DIGITAL WORLD: computing, networks and us. The ways in which the paradigm of the WWW on the one hand and the availability of huge computing facilities on the other have opened possibilities in a variety sciences, technologies and social interactions that are re-shaping our Society.
  2. Directors of the course: Fabio Turone e Umberto Dosselli
  3. Here is the programme
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  5. Erice, what a great location: 30 seconds to see it again.
    (play the tiny video I made for you)

  6. Erice (Sicily) - ISSJC 2014
  7. Olga BaklitSkaya edited this video: great pics! 
  8. Ready to start!

  9. The hashtag paradox: the Digital World and no official hashtag!