BuyingGuide: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right File Cabinet for Your Office


  1. Anybody working out of an office needs one thing without fail—a file cabinet.Important paperwork needs to be kept safe. Be it personal records of employees,employee-performance statistics, organizational performance statistics or other red-tape documents, any employee imperatively needs a proper cabinet to stack his bunch of papers and to be able to easily sift from them in the future, for the sake of quick and easy reference. Moreover with the deluge of papers employeesgenerally find themselves surrounded with, losing one or even more is not that difficult. This is one more reason as to why every office must have at least one file cabinet, if not more—to keep the critical documents safe and guarded over an extended period of time.

  2. The market is inundating with different types of file cabinets to choose from. File cabinets may be chosen on the basis of their composite material, size, holding capacity, style and colour. Some file cabinets may liveto be really old while others may not last as long. Refer to the tips given below to understand how to go about choosing the right kind of file cabinet for your office:

  3. 1. Lateral File Cabinets & Vertical File Cabinets

    File cabinets can be broadly classified into two types based on the way they stack files and paper inside them—namely,lateral file cabinets and vertical file cabinets.
    · Lateral file cabinets are quite wide—as a matterof fact, each drawer wider than it is deep. They may have anywhere between twoand five drawers stacked on top of each other. Wide drawers serve one important advantage—they allow easy access to more file files at the same time. If you are constrained by space, then a two-to-three drawer cabinet may be the best choice for you since it is bound to fit well beneath tables and desks, freeing up the floor space for other purposes.
    · Verticalfile cabinets are best when it comes to making the most of the limited space in your office. The cabinets are taller in comparison with lateral file cabinets.The files are arranged from front to back in the drawers. They are a very goodoption for long term storage of files that need to be opened or looked at onlyonce in a while because of the compact nature of their construction. Thuslateral file cabinets are more versatile of the two files.

    2. Material Used for Construction
    Different types of materials are often use din the construction of these file cabinets. You can choose from metal file cabinets to even wooden file cabinets. Steel cabinets are very strong anddurable. They are capable of tolerating a lot of rugged use and weightinfliction with ease. Wooden cabinetsmay also be used to complement the wooden furniture or flooring in your office;however, do make sure that you purchase one only if the use that you are going to subject the wooden file cabinet to is not that intense. Wooden file cabinets offer the advantage of being relatively light in weight with increased portability.

    3. File Cabinets for Business Use
    If you are purchasing a file cabinet for business use, then make sure that the one you buy is durable enough to stand continuous use by hoards of users all over the office. The drawer suspension should be strong enough to tolerate the load of the entire drawer. Moreover,look for file cabinets with smooth drawer operation—i.e. drawers that are ableto open and close with one uniform push or pull respectively. Interlockingsystems in drawers allow the user to open any one drawer at any point in timeso as to prevent them from tipping.

    4. File Cabinets for Use in Small Office
    If you are looking for a file cabinet for your small office space, then you might want to purchase one that is adept to fit in that space. A small office would, in the usual sense, also mean a fewer number of employees. So you could go for a wooden file cabinet, especially ifthe cabinet is only to be used once in a while and not that frequently.

    5. Miscellaneous Things to Consider
    After having arrived at what type of file cabinet would best serve your purpose, you ought to look at a few of these considerations as well to ensure that the cabinet you are spending money on is completely value for its money. Check the locking mechanism, follower wires, follower blocks, front-to-back rails, divider wires, hanging bars and counter weights. Itis not mandatory that every file cabinet out in the market would lock. If your requirement is very specific and confidential and demands that only a certain number of people be allowed access to the stored papers, then go for a cabinet that is equipped with a lock.
    You may get tempted to buy cheap file cabinets that seemingly fulfil all the aforementioned criteria. But be wary of what you are spending money on; more often than not, these cheap cabinets start degrading in quality and giving problems with the passage of time. It is best practice to buy file cabinets online,or from a brick and mortar store, only from reputed manufacturers. Oberoi Furnishers is one manufacturer renowned for producing premium quality file cabinets. All its file cabinets are tested for their durability.