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  1. Jupiter, Florida - If you own a store and you want another method of making money, then a virtual concierge from is just the new income source you're looking for. Even in the realm of virtual concierge, the virtual concierge (a brainchild of JCS Enterprises) is ahead of the pack thanks to its partnership with Geebo Virtual Stores.  By having your concierge clients become part of the “Geebo” Family.


    Geebo is a U.S.-based online classified marketplace wherein your customers can shop all day, every day in a cashless, convenient, and secure fashion. That's just one of the many advantages you can get by becoming a virtual concierge business owner.


    Your Concierge Services Will Be Vastly Improved Via a Virtual Concierge


    Instead of having a traditional, human concierge provide clients with their concierge needs, the virtual concierge now exists in order to do everything a standard concierge does, except this time everything can be done in a conveniently located digital kiosk that contains a dedicated software application. There are a variety of things you can do with's virtual concierge and its touch screen, interactive display, chief among them the ability to watch advertisements on all the latest promos and offerings from a wide array of establishments and companies. If you're a client and you want to learn about the restaurant nearest you, then you can access that information via the touch screen virtual concierge.


    If you're a business owner or a concierge service, then going the virtual concierge route is a great moneymaking opportunity for you. There are clients of yours that would rather have control over which services they'd want to avail of, which attractions to see, merchandise to spend money on, and so forth, such that a virtual concierge gives them that power and freedom to choose. The applications for this concierge type are myriad, such that a multitude of businesses would certainly be interested in advertising through your concierge. This virtual ad platform can be placed on Laundromats, hospitals, universities, convenience stores, and so forth.


    The Myriad of Virtual Concierge Benefits and the Geebo Advantage


    The beauty of having y our own virtual concierge unit is that once it's installed, it can generate money for you immediately as soon as you turn it on. People are undoubtedly interested in such kiosks because of their ease of use and their promotional items, like the fact that the concierge can even print coupons for them. The secret behind this device's success is its data integration feature that enables it to synthesize way finding info on your business's internal databases, real-time data from other content providers, and venue listings from Google Maps.


    Every last information a guest requires in order to fully enjoy his tour of the city (it's particularly useful for tourists) can be contained within this console. As for the “Geebo” part of the deal, JCS Enterprises has partnered with the Geebo Virtual Store in order to allow you, the virtual concierge unit owner, to have your clients sign up to Geebo in order to enjoy the site's streamlined ecommerce shopping for general merchandise, automotive, and real estate services. “Geebo” can even double as a job finder for some. In order to join, you only need to watch the embedded video on the website to learn about the details.




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