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Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera is better than iPhone 5 Camera?

iPhone 5 camera images suffer from its famous purple haze and for the Panorama images it goes to 180 degree.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best Android mobile phone in the world and iPhone 5 is giving hard competition in terms of every features offered by the device, lets not talk about the whole features in the galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. We will go with the camera quality of these two phones, now these days camera is becoming integral part of any mobile phones as well for the users, which results into the improvement of the camera quality in upcoming mobile phones.

    We always use our mobile phone camera in two condition: indoor & outdoor

    Now lets have a look on the camera performance of these two phones on these two situations,

    iPhone 5 struggled with its famous 'purple haze’ issue on which Apple responds to the issue that this is the normal behavior of the camera when light is coming out of the frame, Samsung Galaxy S4 purple haze is slightly better than the iPhone 5.

    Most of the memories capturing will take place indoor either home or office, both these phones trouble in focusing the object with flash but Galaxy S4 is slightly better than the iPhone 5.


    Panorama is the physical representation of physical space in three dimensional model, these images are beautiful and print worthy. Samsung Galaxy managed to capture nearly 360 degree while iPhone 5 goes to 180 degree, iPhone 5 Panorama is over 7 MB while Galaxy S4 goes to 16 MB.

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