Saboteur Awards 2014: The Awards

To mark Sabotage Reviews' fourth birthday, we had our second Saboteur Awards event. Once again, nominations and winners were picked by the public and we gave out awards celebrating the best of indie literature. There'll be another Storify for our accompanying indie bookfair. #saboteur2014


  1. A full list of shortlistees and winners can be seen below, but we thought we'd share a little bit more detail about the voting and the event itself. Everyone loves photos of people being celebrated for success, right? If not, this isn't the place for you; there follows some very celebrated-for-success people...
  2. Here are some initial reactions to the public's choice of shortlisted people/publications/events/productions.
  3. This year, our awards (and afternoon book fair) were hosted by the lovely Jericho Tavern in Oxford, who went out of their way to make the day a pleasant experience.
  4. So, to the evening's Awards!