InTweets or Pheed? The Battle Of Social Media Sites!

My mother often says that there are ideas out there in the universe just floating around and waiting to be noticed – and sometimes, two people connect to that idea at the same time. I’m not sure if I agree with that theory but I guess that there is some truth to it.


  1. For example, in recent years I have witnessed the uprising of social media websites that are trying to make “Twitter Channels” work. Experts have been trying to come up with a site that will incorporate everything good about twitter, facebook and even myspace into one new site.
    The main idea is having one live twitter feed that can be used for sharing not only 140 characters of ideas and words but also for sharing videos, pictures, links and pretty much everything else the internet has to offer. And it’s great that people are thinking of new ways to do something so creative but some of them are doing a better job than others.
    The first site that I bumped into that had this kind of concept was Pheed. I was drawn to it because of its clean look and basic user-friendly functions.
    So yeah – whatever – it was pretty and I clicked on it! So what? I’m only human.
    But as soon as I started to get the concept they were throwing at me I stopped and realized that they are actually asking their users to PAY to subscribe to celebrity feeds? EXCUSE ME? You want me to pay $3 to subscribe to Chris Browns channel? HELL TO THE NO! Why in the world would I pay for something I can get on other social media websites for free? So that whole thing was a bust. I logged out and never signed back in.
    The second website I had seen that had a similar concept was InTweets. One of my friends actually suggested I visit it because he knows I love to spread myself around on the internet.
    Gotta say, the look was not as pretty and as clean as it was on Pheed, but I tried it out anyway since the functions were pretty basic too.
    Unlike Pheed, does not make you pay for a god damn thing and their “moderated twitter channel” idea is a good one. Basically, they have united the idea of a forum topic and a twitter timeline. You can open a channel on any topic you like and people can help you build it from the ground up. It’s a great way to create a community of like-minded people and there are no spammy tweets you have to look out for or read.
    So in my book, InTweets wins this one. I would rather post about my favorite topic on a twitter channel than have to pay to see someone else’s.