Open Schools Kenya Launch, Nairobi

On Feb. 24, 2015 Map Kibera Trust and partners launched the first open platform featuring citizen data about all the schools in Kibera slum.


  1. Kibera is the largest slum area in Nairobi, with at least 250,000 people. Until now, it was hard to know much about its extensive education sector, featuring mostly informal or alternative schools to the public system.
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  3. Map Kibera's team collected data on a total of 339 schools serving slum students, using OpenStreetMap. Partners included Development Gateway, GroundTruth Initiative and the Gates Foundation.
  4. Several honored guests presented at the Nairobi launch event, including Prof Bitange Ndemo, former PS of Ministry of Information and Communication.
  5. Also presenting, Kenneth Okoth, Honorable MP for Kibera. He also sent several tweets, and commended Map Kibera for having real data about the slum.
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  7. And Mr. Christopher Khaemba, County Minister of Education @CSKhaemba
  8. As well as Mr. Nalin Jena, Senior Education Specialist for the World Bank Kenya
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  10. Some congrats from supporters:
  11. And after the event, we're still making a splash.