Thermodynamics: The 2016 Ri advent calendar

In December 2016, to tie in with Saiful Islam's CHRISTMAS LECTURES on energy, the Royal Institution released an advent calendar exploring the four laws of thermodynamics through 24 short films, released daily.


  1. The first video launched on 1 December...
  2. -
  3. ...and content continued right up to Christmas, being released on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a custom advent calendar interface at
  4. The videos reached an audience across the world:
  5. And volunteers on YouTube even translated several videos into Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian (click to view subtitles on the below video for an example), and were all subtitled in English.
  6. What is the First Law of Thermodynamics?
  7. It was enjoyed by people of all ages, with many teachers highlighting the series to their students