How Should I prepare for my Rhodes Australia Interview?

Information and tips for applicants who are shortlisted for a Rhodes Australia interview


  1. Being invited to a Rhodes Australia interview is a great achievement. This Storify is designed to support you as you prepare to speak to the selection panel, and to encourage you to make the most of the final stages of the selection process.
  2. The most important thing to remember is that you have earned the interview because of your achievements and your potential. It wasn't a
  3. and the Rhodes Australia team are really proud of you. Remember that as you get ready.
  4. It's OK to feel a bit overwhelmed by the invitation, and to have lots of questions.
  5. Hopefully, these ten tips will help you to get ready, and more advice is available if you need it.
  6. 1. Dress as you would for a job interview.
  7. Rhodes interviews are pretty formal, and we ask that you be respectful to the selection panel in the way that you dress. A dress or skirt and shirt is good, as is a suit and tie. Women are welcome to wear suits and ties as well. Makeup is not necessary and only wear high heels if you are comfortable doing so. Spending a lot of
  8. is unnecessary. Smart clothes that reflect your pride in being there is all that matters!
  9. 2. We are accommodating.
  10. If you have a disability, or special dietary requirements, please let your state administrator know so that we can make accommodations for your interview. The diversity of our Rhodes community is important to us.
  11. 3. There are no set questions, but some kinds of questions are to be expected.
  12. There is no list of questions that you will be provided or that you can get from the internet and memorise. But there are some questions that you might expect, which focus on the selection criteria. Expect to be asked about
    · Your interest in applying;
    · The reasons for your selection of program at Oxford and your academic strengths;
    · Current affairs or issues in your state or territory, Australia or the world;
    · Highlights of your contribution to the wider community;
    · How you might contribute to the Rhodes community; and
    · Your understanding of your leadership style
  13. 4. While the questions might range over all kinds of other topics and challenge you to 'think on your feet', that does not mean that you cannot take a moment to think of a short, crisp answer.
  14. Wait for each question to be finished, and take a moment if you need to in order to think through how you might answer it clearly and concisely. If you are the sort of person that likes to jump into a discussion, practise questions with someone else and ask them to give feedback on your ability to listen and respond.
  15. 5. Be honest, be you.
  16. Answer the questions directly and be honest about your views. Don't hedge your bets or try to second guess what the panel want to hear. Rhodes Scholars hold diverse views, beliefs and aspirations. If you treat the interview like this
  17. we won't have the chance to really meet you. That would be a pity.
  18. 6. Do not bring print or digital materials with you.
  19. The panel will have read your application carefully, and the Rhodes Scholarships have strict rules on what you can submit in an application. If there are any major updates in your achievements, you can let us know verbally in the interview.