The Ultranet April 2012

The Ultranet is a secure Internet portal for students, parents and teachers at State Schools in Victoria. This report is a brief summary that I wrote to try and capture some of the buzz on social networks that mentioned the Ultranet during April 2012.

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  1. How the Ultranet fits into the teaching and learning by teachers in Victoria is best illustrated by this diagram from the online interactive manual. The blue balls represent the different stages and coloured icons, the different tools that can be used.  
  2. This is part of a good illustration on page 19 of the Interactive Manual that I found really, really helpful for staff who are new to using the #Ultranet. Pointed out by regional coaches at #ksc2
  3. We have a better idea about where it fits into our teaching and learning. Some online users are doing well to help address concerns about how it can be best integrated with other online tools such as GoogleDocs, Diigo or Evernote. Most importantly, a primary goal is to help protect and secure confidential data about student performance and progress.
  4. Many are starting to understand that the hardest thing about engaging with the Ultranet is changing our practice of teaching, learning, collaborating and working together online. Perhaps not surprisingly, many still take pencil and paper notes or persist with share handouts on a school Intranet server.
  5. By contrast, some schools are already starting to use the Ultranet for sharing timetables, term planners and other important documents. Progressively moving away from distributing and sharing these as email attachments.
  6. Some teachers are using this to ask questions and calling for feedback. Interesting to see how they are using Twitter as a PLN to share tips, tricks and advice.
  7. Whilst #Ultranet print manuals are nice, the online version is larger, interactive etc. #waytogo #ksc2
  8. Teachers are increasingly confident about asking for feedback about their work online.
  9. Some great #Ultranet introductions, tips and tricks at today's staff PD. I like this overview slide #ksc2
  10. During April, the DEECD Ultranet team organised a focus group and it was a great chance for some to give feedback about new features or current applications.