Teach Meet at Science Works, Museum Victoria

The Melbourne Teach Meet group met on Saturday 22nd June 2013 with many new faces and presenters. This report is a synthesis of some different things that were shared to the social media stream.


  1. For another good Storify of the day, check out this great summary by @ccoffa :-)  https://storify.com/ccoffa/teachmeet-melb-scienceworks 
  2. Things kicked off with participants updating the wiki and posting their thoughts or baking their wares. For some it was to be their first TeachMeet.  For others it was a chance to meet, greet, sip and nibble at the winter solstice. Like all of these events, it was woven together by participants using the Wiki and driven by social media.
  3. Mel was first in to update her presentation. I wish I was this organised.
  4. Melbourne put on its best weather and the venue was great with nooks to explore and reflect upon.
  5. Our first talk was by Bec about students taking action via a bookdrive.