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During July 2013, high school students were invited to a week long event at RMIT Computer Science and Information Technology department. Their challenge was to visit the ACMI Hollywood Costume expo and author a movie. It was a chance to experience work and life in a tertiary institution.


  1. The challenge for the students assembled from two schools was to visit the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI and develop a movie that visualises an element of the displays. Whilst at ACMI, the students also had the chance to experiment with movie magic including recording with a green screen.
  2. Many students were understandably nervous or reticent about talking in front of a crowd so RMIT teaching staff gave them a practice run in a lecture theatre. This was valuable hands-on learning before the presentation they would have to give on the Friday.
  3. On the last day there was a frenzy of activity, touching up shows, adding audio tracks, 
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    marilyn monroe some like it hot x02 german
  5. The students were quick to work out the editing software. Some were able to fine tune their google image searches to find  suitable material for their show. Others quickly they appropriated their mobile phones and break out rooms as adhoc recording studios to create backing tracks for their movie.