MakerSpace 2015

Digital Learning Branch of the Department of Education and Training sponsored a Marker Space event for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Schools. Gary Stager ran the workshops to help transform our teaching and learning. Wendy Macpherson invited me to participate on 6 March.


  1. There is no way that any storify could ever capture this. At best, I can give you a hint about what happened. You can either fill in the gaps with your imagination and make sure that you go along to one of his workshops yourself. Read on.
  2. Things got off to a buzz. This was a moment that nobody could afford to miss. Not a breath would be wasted. His words and ideas were worth bottling.
  3. Gary has his own style of sharing ideas and building his case for stimulating learning and encouraging creativity in the classroom.
  4. I had a sudden urge to make my own hat. Don't ask me why. As Gary was at pains to point out, the best makerspace is in my head.
  5. Ultimately it is about what it can do for the children in our schools.
  6. There is much that our Parents and Politicians can do. I now have an urge to send them a bunch of bananas (and a makey-makey kit of course)
  7. We broke up into groups working on projects scattered amongst different tables